Birth is one of those obscure ideas that we access through intuition, and in which we persevere in the hope of illuminate with it part of our psyche. It grew out of a sense of wellbeing that produced me the maternity area of the Santa Rosa de Lima hospital in Bogotá city: in 2008 I was working for A2 Gallery in an exhibition deployed there, my job required continuously walk through the showrooms reason why I knew the building deeply; which declared bankruptcy since the 90s had become a maze of nooks, machines and abandoned rooms.
I spent much time there, I would sneak through the basement of the morgue and the flooded rooms of infants to snuggle among incubators stacked in the east wing of the gigantic building. Take dozens of photos, but also started drawing on a cardiograph paper roll I found in a drawer, series of fetuses floating in amniotic fluid bags that later I started photographing obsessively.
It took me 3 years understand why I was doing it, just then I had enough material to see a conductive thread in this apparently irrational pulsion. Time visualized by the slow accumulation of material revealed to me the documentary nature of the images: it is quick notes, photographs taken not from historical facts but from the future as my subconscious saw it .
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