Nomad is an artistic research that seeks a “metaphysical” on errant expressions of an individual, looking with that to metaphorize a phenomenon of our time, an existential propensity that leads us from one situation to another, from one place to another , from one life to another …

It use a methodology similar to that of a philosophical inquiry, that seeks a synoptic view of different aspects of the same phenomenon to identify the internal structure that illuminating the problems. The research is based on the information I get from family and friends, thereby making reference to the specification as a structuring element of personality.

During the time that I developed this research, I conducted exercises in different media and formats. Initially I focused on remembering and organizing memories of spaces that I had stood for more than 15 consecutive days: the area, the number of residents, the space per person, the amount and clarity of the memories, the generation of links affective, the return to space … etc. With this information subsequently I developed a database to analyze the information that use mathematical and statistical functions, result of which I produced a “report” with different graphic materials,  that show different aspects of this wandering attitude and suggest connections with a more problematic broad as the construction of individuality in contemporary context.

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